bruno aïm

A traditional family owned artisanal business

Bruno Aim, Master Craftsman since 1987, makes ice creams and sorbets in the purest French tradition for restaurants, hotels and high-end caterers.

Apprenticed in the most prestigious Parisian Houses such as Fauchon and Dalloyau, he has, over the years, enriched his expertise working for the greatest chefs. This experience allowed him to gain the trust of the best restaurants in Paris.

In true professional fashion he is creative, passionate and in perpetual search of new tastes and the latest trends. Bruno Aim knows how to amaze us by creating a wide range of salty and sugary flavours, allowing professionals of gastronomy to offer their clients a real explosion of flavours on a plate.

For the pleasure of the senses, he has mastered the art of subtly combining different flavours and so enables us to travel through the French terroir and across all 5 continents. He knows how to surprise food lovers and demanding gourmets alike by offering a rich collection of traditional and original flavours.

Moreover, his craftsmanship and bespoke recipes allow him the flexibility to meet the most unusual requests: using only the highest quality ingredients he is able to reproduce faithfully the most delicate flavours whilst respecting the seasons by selecting perfectly ripe fruits and fresh vegetables of high quality. With the aim to educate and give advice to his clients, Bruno Aim establishes a true partnership with his clients. He anticipates their wishes by creating any flavour they may require helping them, through his constant creativity, to bring to their menus an original and refined touch that makes the difference.

Since 1987, he has developed more than 300 specific recipes to respond to the requests of chefs and pastry chefs.

All ice creams and sorbets are made from pure products,. Sorbets are labelled 'plein fruits' because they contain between 50 and 65% of fruit for sorbets and at least 25% of fruit for ‘acidic’ fruits .

In 2012, Bruno built a new larger and more modern ‘development kitchen’, allowing his company to double its manufacturing capabilities and storage.

Our trade is our passion.

Bruno Aim
Received the title of Culinary Academician from the French Government in February 2016.

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